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Verandah...Experience A Deeper Sense of Community


I feel very content after moving to Verandah.

I wanted to live in a community with others like me 

- Uma Ravi


We are very happy in our new home. I was always concerned about my wife being alone and now we have many close neighbors who have become like our family

- Hansa & Kirti Shah

Verandah2020Oct -28514.jpg

I am a very social person & I love getting people together for activities. I enjoy leading the activities schedule of our clubhouse

- Suresh & Veda Srivastava


I love celebrating our festivals together. I started the bhajans group at Verandah and loved involving the others to join

- Hansa Shah


The housing is beautiful. I enjoy being a part of the community & helping the neighbors when I can

- Brian K


I moved to be closer to our son in Chicago. We wanted to be close but still far enough to have our independence
- Dr. Kesavan

VerandahRetirementOct2021COLOR-15630 (1).jpg

It was important for my wife to feel at home in a close-knit community like Verandah. We moved here to be closer to her loved ones
- Amir Rehmat


I love the ranch style and peaceful community close to my daughter's home

- Fred D


I moved from Ohio to be closer to my kids in Chicago. I chose Verandah because I felt very comfortable with the other people here

- Abha Sharma

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